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Here you can find helpful content and links when navigating the XFERALL patient transfer platform. Or contact us directly.

As a non-participating hospital, you still have access to xFERALL

If you have received a portal request and code from another facility or hospital, but don’t have XFERALL. That’s OK! Click below to have access to the virtual fax portal.

How to access a fax portal request from xFERALL

If you’re hospital or facility is not yet on the XFERALL platform you may start receiving “Fax Portal Requests” from other facilities using the XFERALL platform. You do not have to sign up for XFERALL in order to access the portal request. Watch the video to learn how to access a patient transfer request via the fax portal.  

Already a XFERALL User? Contact Customer Success

As a customer of XFERALL you can always reach out to your customer success agent with any issues you may be experience with the platform. Whether it be a simple question or a request for additional training they are here to help every step of the way.

Customer Success Direct Phone:

Customer Success Direct Email:

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