Acute Care Hospitals

XFERALL works with Acute Care Hospitals to implement a straightforward way to transfer and receive patients in need.

Referral and Admission Times Cause Delays in Care.

Behavioral health patients on average wait 1-3 Days to
be placed to the appropriate care facility.

Many people don’t realize what healthcare facilities are currently combating to transfer a patient:

  • A highly manual process of calling and faxing other facilites
  • No real-time communication
  • Straining emergency department and over crowding
  • Increase in medically complex patients and hostile situations in the ED
  • Workforce shortages in healthcare

Streamlined Patient Transfers Efficiently Help Any Healthcare Facility.

Implementing a truly digital patient transfer network process automatically connects you to surrounding hospitals and healthcare facilities to transfer patients to. 

As a Sending Facility, Patient Transfers Have Never Been So Easy.

Quickly and effectively request patient transfers to multiple facilities as a sending facility. Locate nearby facilities that have the requirements your patient needs for care and request availability instantaneously. 

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For Receiving Facilites, Express Availability Right Away.

When sending facilites request a patient transfer matching your care capabilities. You can be automatically notified of the patient transfer request. Simply respond through the XFERALL platform to request more information on the patient or accept them as a transfer. 

Analytics with Insights

XFERALL gives you actionable insights helping you make impactful decisions at your hospital or facility.  Easily view how many patient requests are coming into your facility and how many are getting accepted or denied with verifiable data. 

Why Use A Patient Transfer Network?

Reduce Patient Transfer Times

Reduces patient transfer times by 80% to 90% with an automated, real-time, collaborative communications platform.

Real Time Collaboration

Behavioral Health Facilities can collaborate with nearby facilites through the platform. Instantly sharingvisibility into cases.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

XFERALL is HIPAA compliant allowing team based coordination enabling the sharing of documentsreal-time within your network-no more faxing.

Easy Historical Record Storage

Provides a historical record of all patient transfer requests and tracking for response times and reasons for patient denials.

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