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XFERALL Reduced Our ER Response Time by 85%

Hear from the CEO of Rolling Hills Hospital based in Nashville, TN discuss the incredible impact XFERALL has had on his facility. Streamlining patient transfer times and ensuring those in crisis get access to care as quick as possible.

XFERALL is an Automatic Go To for CSBs in Virginia

Hear Dean Barker, CSB at Colonial Behavioral Health in Virginia explain how XFERALL has drastically reduced the time it takes to transfer patients in need.

25 Hours is Too Long to Wait.

Michelle Guia is the Crisis Director at QUINCO Mental Health Services. Michelle implemented XFERALL in order to get real-time access to surrounding facilities availability to take patients. 

XFERALL 2022, A Year in Review

View all the progress XFERALL has made in the year of 2022. We made great strides and will only continue to grow and help new communities!

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