The behavioral health space has changed substantially in 2022 alone, particularly with the rollout of 988. With the crucial change to crisis response, we’ve also seen challenges in our field become all the more apparent.

That’s why we were thrilled to speak to CrisisTalk, a behavioral health publication focused on crisis systems and crisis care, about XFERALL. The publication consistently puts tools and practices for behavioral healthcare at the forefront, so it was a perfect time to discuss how we began – and our goals for the future.

In the article, Stephanie Hepburn highlights XFERALL co-founder Shana Palmieri’s realizations while working at George Washington University Hospital, and how she wanted to highlight the “golden period of intervention” that was getting missed through all-too-common deficiencies in inter-system communication.

The complex and dated system of transferring patients still involves calling and faxing repeatedly, often to the same facilities multiple times. Information is often incorrect, and delays are inevitable. Hepburn covers how we introduced XFERALL to Texas hospitals experiencing patient placement challenges with great success.

“The thoroughness of XFERALL’s services guarantees hospitals have the ability to provide care for their patients immediately, whether it is transferring them internally or externally,” Shana reflects in the piece. “The extensive services XFERALL offers eases the transfer process so healthcare professionals are able to take on more patients and responsibilities.”

With XFERALL, practices experience an 86% reduction in patient acceptance time. And, by eliminating efaxing and using our real-time clinical document sharing feature, practices save an average of 133 minutes per patient transfer. As our nation begins prioritizing behavioral health, we know that XFERALL will continue to bridge a gap in care.

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