Tennessee hospitals, behavioral health agencies, mobile crisis teams have access to XFERALL to optimize patient placement and transfers

XFERALL has expanded its service area to include Tennessee.

“Building on our successes in Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana, we are expanding our service area to include Tennessee,” said Nathan Read, CEO, XFERALL. “We are partnering with acute and behavioral health hospitals and mental health providers across the state to deliver a proven solution to the increasingly difficult problem of placing behavioral health patients in appropriate treatment quickly.”

Entities using XFERALL to transfer patients to behavioral health treatment facilities have seen their wait times drop by as much as 86 percent.

“Rolling Hills Hospital is delighted to be one of XFERALL’s first customers in Tennessee,” said James Miller, SPHR, CEO, Rolling Hills Hospital. “With XFERALL, we will be able to admit patients into behavioral health treatment more quickly so they can begin their recovery. We are better equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to requests for transfer and placement from mobile crisis teams, law enforcement, EMS, and acute hospitals.”

Using XFERALL’s mobile platform, clinicians no longer have to perform a series of numerous, repetitive, and time-consuming steps to identify facilities with available beds, resources, and clinically appropriate staff to accept patient transfers. Hospitals and others that need to transfer patients and facilities with the capacity to accept those transfers communicate efficiently and directly over the XFERALL app. The result is that they can focus more on patient care, and patients get the essential care they need more quickly.

“Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Service teams will use XFERALL to help us more quickly place children and adolescents in needed behavioral health care,” said program director Raquel Shutze. “The number of children and adolescents experiencing psychiatric emergencies is increasing, as is the demand for our services. With XFERALL, our teams have a proven tool to match children and youth with clinically appropriate care and get them into treatment quickly.”

XFERALL’s platform aligns with national best practices to ensure individuals seeking crisis services get access to the right care in the right setting. The platform incorporates national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recommendations. XFERALL expands the network of available inpatient and crisis stabilization placement options; facilitates timely, clinically appropriate placement; and provides transparency into data trends.

“In 2022, it is hard to fathom that clinicians are still making multiple phone calls or faxes to find care resources for their patients,” said Shana Palmieri, LCSW, chief clinical officer, XFERALL. “With XFERALL’s mobile app, they have the power in the palm of their hands to cast as wide a net as needed to identify clinically appropriate care for their patients in a psychiatric crisis.”

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