XFERALL Is Now Available In Indiana

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XFERALL (pronounced Transfer-All) is now available in the state of Indiana to drastically reduce the wait times of behavioral health patients. Currently, some patients wait hours to even days in hospital emergency rooms for proper placement to the correct facilities. XFERALL is changing that.

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Referring Hospitals Reduce ED Boarding Times For Behavioral Transfers 80%+

Signing up as a Receiving Hospital lets you take advantage of the full patient transfer in-take solution along with actionable insights and analytics.

Why Use A Patient Transfer Network?

Reduce Patient Transfer Times

Reduces patient transfer times by 80% to 90% with an automated, real-time, collaborative communications platform.

Real Time Collaboration

Behavioral Health Facilities can collaborate with nearby facilites through the platform. Instantly sharingvisibility into cases.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

XFERALL is HIPAA compliant allowing team based coordination enabling the sharing of documentsreal-time within your network-no more faxing.

Easy Historical Record Storage

Provides a historical record of all patient transfer requests and tracking for response times and reasons for patient denials.

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